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Moon Task 2.0

[Last updated: 2nd March 2003]

Moon Task is a simple and easy to use task scheduler.

[See Moon Task in Swing Sighting Volume 12!]


I think a task scheduler is very important for a serious worker, no matter what your occupation is. I like to see the scheduled tasks completed (striked-through) one by one, that will make you feel a sense of satisfactory, and drives you to complete more tasks.

I have been using a freeware TaskPlus for about 2 years, I use it because it is free, simple (compared to Microsoft Outlook). However I don't really like it, because it is not so user-friendly, such as I can't scroll in task description (that's frustrating enough). I have tried to switch to Outlook but it is too complicated for me. So when I got a 3-day holiday I start writing this tool, since it is intended for my usage only, I only write the features that I think is useful.

New features in version 2.0!! (see [Screen Shots] for details)

Other features

You can go to the download page to download and try Moon Task.

Web Start

You can try Moon Task using Web Start: click here to launch Moon Task! (no save/load of tasks available).

Contact Me

If you have any questions/suggestions, or problem in installing/running this software, please send me email at

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