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Update History

Date Description
  • Metouia Look & Feel added.
  • Support sub-categories.
  • Configurable options.
  • Minimize to system tray.
  • Status bar and clock added.
  • Direct description editing without opening the dialog.
  • Some little enhancement in the user interface and usability.
  • Changed to use JDom as the XML writer/reader.
  • Now generate human readable XML.
  • Now saving of tab character really works (don't seem to work before).
  • Just a temporary version, since I have received some suggestions from the users (thanks a lot!) and I'll start working on them later (very soon). New features would be sub-task and sub-category.
  • By the way, please send me more suggestions about Moon Task!

  • Line wrap and tab size option added.
  • Moon Task appears in Swing Sighting! Thanks a lot for the editors of Swing Sighting that accepted this little software. There is an obvious increase in the hit count of my web page (see the stat below :).
  • And from the bandwidth report of Tripod I can see that there are many people downloaded Moon Task. If you are one of them, can you leave me some comment? Thank you!

  • Web Start of Moon Task now really works (after many many times of trial and error)!!
  • I have written a simple spinner class to replace the JSpinner (in jdk 1.4) so now Moon Task is 1.3 compatible.
  • Fix wrong calendar display problem (display the wrong week day).
  • More beautiful tooltip display.
  • Can select different look and feel.
  • Enhanced auto save (auto save on deactive).
  • Installer support added.
  • Save/Auto save added.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Moon Task released.

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